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Are You Ready for the Climb?05.31.11

We already had our Akyat Pinatubo pre-event briefing last May 25. It was really fun! I’ve met more bloggers, won prizes and got to know more about the sponsors.

From May 28, the event was rescheduled to June 4 due to typhoon Chedeng that obviously spells danger for all of us. I’ve already bought a travelling backpack and now preparing my shoes. I got no running shoes like Nike but my Fila sport shoes will do.

I’ll be bringing my Havs with me anyway so I have nothing to worry in terms of footwear! :)

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Happy Birthday, Brother!05.31.11

My brother celebrated his birthday today and I almost forgot to greet him if not with my sister’s reminder. Of course I know that it’s his birthday because I was even thinking about it yesterday. I was just so busy with my online tasks that I didn’t notice that it was already late afternoon. I usually greet people by midnight or early morning.

Anyways, I texted my brother and greeted him but he didn’t reply. I wonder what it means. Then there came his late “thank-you” response. They celebrated at home and it’s just simple family gathering. No grand celebration or what not. No musical bands or videoke. No formal dresses and bachelorette party invitations. He’s a guy anyway so that’s it.


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Family Business05.26.11

I feel bad because our plan of providing printing services and photocopying services in Batangas won’t push through. For some reason, my aunt told me that there will be a new computer shop nearby who will be providing those computer services. Now, I’m thinking of a new business for my family. My parents are farmers and when there’s no good harvest, they struggle with daily expenses when I am not around. I’m working here in Manila, away from them.

Actually, aside from farming, my family has a small-time business for poultry animals. But summer did not turn out good. There’s no enough grass for our cows to keep them healthy. Hope that everything will be alright soon.

Last time I’ve heard, all is well in Batangas. We just need to venture into another business that can give my family extra income, farming and poultry aside.

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Being Spiritual05.25.11

You don’t have to be serious to be spiritual.

Laughter is good! Levity is good! When you allow yourself to be joyful, that joy radiates to all those around you. God honors you and your laughter.

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Hectic Schedule05.24.11

I’m trying to squeeze in everything this week. Shopping, meeting up with friends, playing MTG, general cleaning, working online and more! ┬áBut it seems to be impossible especially if there are changes from time to time. The blogger’s climb was moved to June 4 so I am not sure how I’ll arrange my schedule next week. And oh, I’m happy that the pre-event briefing will push through tomorrow! Gotta meetup with Rhonz for our makeover. I also wish to visit LFI for facial cleaning to be totally acnefree but I don’t think we have extra time for that.

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New Green Bag05.22.11

Just sharing my new green bag for the Akyat Pinatubo climb…

Green Backpack Bag

Green bag of mine!

Forest camouflage. But I’ll be using a pink one. Haha!


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Writing Online Reviews05.21.11

Most of the bloggers now post random reviews on their blogs. The question is, is it paid or not? People say that a paid opinion is different from opinion. Actually, OPINIONS alone are based on different factors.

Those who write online reviews may or may not accept payment in cash or in kind. Online reviews are also different from news or product feature. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong in monetizing your blog as long as it retains its credibility. It’s your blog anyway and you may post anything under the sun including food reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, sensa reviews and more!


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Climbing for A Cause05.19.11

The active blogger in me is so excited for her first mountain-climbing! I’ll be joining this blogging for a cause activity this coming May 28, 2011.

Rhonz will come and participate, too! We’ll be attending the pre-briefing on the 25th and I believe there will be a lot of discussions and reminders. There will also be a raffle and I hope to win good prizes. :)

If you want to know more about this generous activity, click here – Blogging for A Cause thru Akyat Pinatubo.

I’m looking for hiking backpacks right now because I have to
prepare my things for the climb. I don’t have any backpack with me so I might buy one before this week ends.

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Dance with Zumba Music05.10.11

Have fun while working out with the help of zumba music! Workout moves can be creatively mixed with Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow dance steps which is now the so called Zumba program.

This new fitness hype has inspired a lot of gym goers and even those who wish to work out at home. With the availability of Zumba dvds, everyone can dance to their heart’s content!

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Happy Mother’s Day!05.08.11

Greetings to all the great moms out there especially to my mother! Happy Mother’s Day, Inay! You’re the best.

I’ve got no handy picture of me and my mother so I just grabbed an old pic from my other blog. It’s mom and my sister!

Happy Mother's Day!

We love you Inay!

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