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Back to MTG Addiction12.04.10

It was my first time to be in Neutral Grounds, Eton yesterday. I had a hard time looking for that store and I even went downstairs in the tournament area. Thanks to my SSC friends who texted me the right direction to get there. Ate Evelyn was on that new store. So that’s the reason why I am not seeing her at NG Galleria.

I played the FNM using my Argentum deck and finished 1-3. The deck is not performing so well and so am I. I was so sleepy and tired yet I really wanted to play! That’s good enough because I’ve been more familiar with my deck and to my opponent’s deck. It’s so nice to be back playing this addicting game!

Hmmm. I want to try my UW control, too. And my extended deck needs some playtest, too!


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